Visual & Performance Art Review Information

Policies Updated 6/17/11

The Geeky Chic will review any event or media it feels is pertinent to the culture/subculture experience of the blog’s focus in order to encourage reader’s to experience and enjoy a variety of events. Upon request, reviews can be conducted for the following

– film: major studio or independent release across all genres including: fantasy, horror, science fiction, drama, comedy, adventure, rom-com, documentary, historical/period pieces, and GLBT.
television: mainstream/niche programs
stage: musicals, plays, dance, comedies, open mics, poetry slams, book or poetry readings
music: live shows & audio content (CDs/MP3/)
fashion: Live (events) or web reviews of mainstream wear and niche (costumes/LARP/SCA/Ren faire/historical reproductions/Goth/Steampunk/) etc.
art:  Art shows in gallery, library, or other public showplace large or small for the purpose of event coverage, appreciation, and dialogue.

Turn-around time for posting of reviews can be made to accomodate requested preference, otherwise review time is 1-2 days based on schedule allowance. Please send all requests to

Reviewer’s Policy

Material given for review by author, publisher, or other artist  is neither given away to be sold or done so by reviewer  for any profit from offered materials. Reviews are done without gift of monies or other means to secure favor.

Current Review List/Requests




(None at this time)


The Art of Lisa Little: November 2011 and ongoing

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