The Geeky Chic is a blog that  covers literature, film, fashion, knowledge, and love for the discerning Geek.  Everything from reviews to social commentary to dating, we’ve got you covered.  It’s maintained by the girl your parents always warned you about: a big brain, big mouth, and too much going on to stick in one box.  Here we’ll have things to say on many a topic! By the time you’re done, you’ll have all the best topics for the next party paired with a fantastic outfit marrying your favorite cosplay and Coach handbag. Or even the latest movies over coffee while sporting your favorite Star Wars tee after an evening gaming on your favorite platform, only to plan to head out to the gallery. Sporting original content & fan driven ideas, there is something for everyone.

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Get out there and geek it up!  Haven’t you heard?

 The Bio: Olivia “Livie” Melancon is a writer based in San Diego, CA.  Due to increased amounts of sunshine only to have it wrapped in a seasonal marine layer, her mind percolates at a different rate than the rest of other city dwellers.  She  eats, sleeps, and breathes her ideas until the idea of surviving on something as banal as plain food seems passe.

She is a writer specializing in a variety of cultures including: anime, manga, movies, history, costumes, events, and more.  She writes short stories, poems, performs spoken word and has a keen interest in advocating  causes for the betterment of mankind, leading to intense bouts of social justice to fandom moodswings. The passions include the likes: eradicating poverty,advocacy for those with a voice that could be lost, arts education, women’s rights, GLBT rights, advocating the interests of disabled adults to be active in their communities,  and anything that reminds a world that forgets that we are all human.

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