Watch and Dish: Hotcakes

Still Image from Hotcakes, 2012, used with permission

The questions of life are many.The most basic can often be the most dark. What do we do when we come in to the light again from a dark, dark place?  Is it easy to begin again?  Will we fall back to the old habits that are familiar, if not damning?

Imagine considering all of this within minutes of walking in to a diner for a plate of something familiar. 

Marty would like to have his hotcakes, go out, and begin again.  From the second he opens the door, however, two fellow ex cons, a fortune teller, and the tension in his actions leave the viewer to wonder if that is possible at all.  In nineteen minutes, the film characters have an Eastwood grit in a setting lending itself to Aronofsky style contemplation. Is he destined to return to his old ways?  Is there more to it than that?  These are questions the audience will continue to ask throughout the film. A fortune teller arrives to tell Marty that he is missing a connection that has been trying to reach him. Who is this person? Will he reach her?

The look of the film and the style it follows the noir/western model. Black and white film mixed with a downplayed interior, gritty characters, and a gritty tale. My only complaint was that the movie ended when I wanted it to go on. Twenty minutes of independent film accomplished what many main industry films are losing: character investment, plot connection, and a want to go along on the character’s journey.  If this film is any indication, and I believe it is, New Orleans is a place teeming with originality just waiting to be discovered.  

Hotcakes: well written, acted, directed, and styled.  Twenty minutes I truly wanted to go on for two hours.

Geeky Chic Grade: A+
Don’t forget to watch it: HotCakes  (Link to Vimeo for viewing)

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