Upcoming Themes

Below you will find a list of upcoming themes covering periods over the next three months. Geeks corresponding to the following items are highly encouraged to seek a spot by following the review section of the blog or by contacting me directly at thegeekychic@ymail.com

Upcoming Themes

Mid July – Mid August: Science and History Electric – writing concerning science fiction, alternative history, alternative history groups (such as steampunk), movies with an alternative history kicks, renactors, and more. Highly interested in stories, groups, and images that bend time, space, and technology! In groups, highly interested in multicultural takes on technology (IE African or Asian steam punk)

Mid August – Mid September: Fairies, Myths, and Legends – writing concerning fairy tale, fairy tale spin offs, historical legends, popular creatures of religious (ie angels), relating films, and dreamy costumes. Highly interested in lore concerning angels, demons, especially fairy tales or lore with an Asian/African feel to go along with well known European delights.

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