The Art of Lisa Little

The wonderful thing about  art is that it is a subjective experience. All of the movements, collected attempts at academic objectivity, and the artists whose lives and works are sandwiched between amount to a buffet of interpretation to partake in.

True, there is a distinct way to identify brush strokes, color use, or genre. There may even be types of art. Yet the best type of art is the sort that digs down in to your soul to form roots.  Artist Lisa Little does just that with an evocative style that takes you on a journey to places you’ve wanted to articulate with words but haven’t found the way without the picture in front of you. Guaranteed, you will be talking about it after the moment washes over you.

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What I like the most about the work is that the same hand that uplifts with bright colors also becomes sensual to demonstrate waiting sex. At another moment, the exploration in the dream cycle becomes one that shows you the lonely, dark, if not forbidden aspects of the psyche in bold gray, black, white, and silver. The artist favors Jungian psychology as a basis for her pieces. The influence is strong, but still unique.  There is not a single painting that doesn’t seem to come from a personal experience of the artist herself even if it is meant for a broader experience.  She is an artist you will want to put on your wall, seal in a book to carry around for sharing, and always keep fresh in your mind for the latest happening.

To learn more about artist Lisa Little and the corresponding collections associated with each piece presented in the slideshow, please visit her on FB at Lisa Little Art and her website at

In December, The Geeky Chic will post an interview with the artist to learn more about her selection of subject, favorite influences, and about the world around her!


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