Tuesday Love Lounge – Back Next Week


Tuesday Love Lounge will return next week as the editor will be reduced to fan girl squeals in light of San Diego Comic Con International descending down. I am pleased to announce an exciting new partnership that will feature the anonymous genius behind The ? Dates Project, just a regular geeky girl trying to navigate the rough seas of dating and romance by recording the experiences of each date she encounters.  No words are better than the words of those in the fray to get the inside, most up to date look on the dating scene. Pat Benatar may be played here if you so desire. “Love is a Battlefield” is an appropriate selection. Cue music:

Stay strong, you geeks hunting that cruel, harsh world for what you most desire!  I would also like to add that Comic-Con, too, is a battlefield. Hold the 80’s pop selection close to your heart as you adventure out in to the panel fray! Follow your Geeky Chic on twitter for updates from the show and be on the lookout for picture galleries and pieces as this is now……..



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