(The following is so exciting that it required the utilization of caps. It even required  mood music. Please click the Youtube to experience this writing properly.  – The Management)

The time is among us, my friends. 

Once a year on the planet of California, the enclave of San Diego puts out a call across the galaxy. Many answer. They journey across the stars to assemble in the city’s central hub that they might see the sun rise upon the blue water, only to strike the long, white palace that calls them hither. Armed with supplies to endure the wait for the gates to is said that the benevolent rulers of this land collect many a strange wonder from the constellations.  Rich man, poor man. Young or old.  All are welcome that have heeded the call of the ruling council to sojourn in the land..of San Diego Comic Con International!


Being but a humble traveler, let us join hands together. We will walk through the land of strange vendors, fortune tellers, and joy bringers.  We will behold the glory that is the gathering of geeks from every corner of the known universe.  It will be glorious. It will be marvelous.

(There will be things for you to read, look at, and marvel over.  Twitter for you to follow — this is, of course, for those of you not following the epic storytelling style of Star Wars.)

Tomorrow within the evening..we will see the lines. The areas of transport in their finest away. The few chosen for what they refer to as…Preview Night.  Then the next day which is Thursday for those of this planet?  The festival truly begins.

You will be able to keep track with me on Twitter by following good old #SDCC where myself and the geeks of the known world will be sharing 140 characters at a time our fantastic observances.   Yipee! Remember I am @Livie_Marie!


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