Watch & Dish: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

A Geeky Chic insider’s look in to the movie awaits you:  those who wish to be completely suprised should steer away! Discussions of story, style, and breakout performance are underway!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,Part 2 was released on July 15, 2011 and is directed by David Yates. Warner Bros. is sitting on top of the largest franchise of all time, biggest opening, and probably will be putting extras of the film reels in to golden tins or on digital drives of wonder.  If one woman hadn’t have written down her ideas while she was down and out, we would have never had this fantastic film series.  This finale has been ten years in the making. Ten. Let’s get right down to brass taxes then, shall we?

Synopsis: The final battle is set to rip through Hogwarts as destiny brings together Voldemort(Ralph Fiennes) and Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) as the last of the horcruxes containing the key to the Dark Wizard’s immortality are sought out to be destroyed.  In a rain of fire and magic, an ultimate sacrifice must be made to ensure that tomorrow comes at all.

Story + Style: The focus of the story is the gathering of the final horcruxes that need to be destroyed in order to eliminate Voldemort’s chances at immortality, and ultimately, kill him.  The conclusion of the adventures takes the viewer back to where the story began to unfold: Hogwarts Academy for Witchcraft and Wizardy. End game is played out  while the world begins to crumble. We are left with the questions of what is sacrifice?  What sacrifices are necessary, even the unavoidable ones?  How long do you carry in your heart those times, places, and people that make you and, most importantly, who will see tomorrow?

The final Harry Potter book was a massive 748 pages long which led Yates to release the film in two installments.  Steve Kloves who wrote all but one of the franchise screenplays would then have the chance to spread out the interpretation. Like the part one counterpart, part two is able to devote itself to a particular section cross-section of the Potter universe.

The hunt for the items necessary for Voldemort’s downfall are given intense focus with particular attention paid first to the item contained in the LeStrange’s Gringot vault mentioned in the prior film. Fans will enjoy the amount of brainstorming, plot execution, and outcome cycle for these adventures within the main adventure.   By the time the gang all arrives at Hogwarts for the showdown, we are met with an interesting rendition of  one final showdown against a background of character shots and memorable against a background of somber beauty. A feeling of heart-in-the-throat pushes fans to the edge of their seats as they prepare for the unknown. Tears will be shed and hip hoorays will be shouted out (at least it was so during the midnight run!)  The one downside in the final installment was that other cast members received little screen time this viewer’s taste. The Weasley twins sitting in frightened observation on a roof, while beautiful, is not enough. Bellatrix wandering about a dazed lunatic?  Still not enough. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks reaching for one another’s hands?

Not enough. They should have had high-noon style status for this movie when plots wrapping up their fates were done. Realizing that there were many subplots to wrap up, they were sealed up so quick you couldn’t feel them deep enough.

A real treat awaits in a wash of gorgeous colors and battles worthy of a Lord of the Rings comparison that is worthy of 3-D.  The depth perception of the film magnifies!  We can rest assured knowing that the film was prepared in, and not later coverted, to this medium of choice for so many.  Instead of merely selling a few dollars worth of extra tickets, fans will be able to enjoy Hogwarts in a way they never have before.

Breakout Performance:  Alan Rickman took the role of Severus Snape and made it so completely him, for ten years you forgot he wasn’t the man.   He sends off our favorite  sneaky, duplicitous double agent with a level that one hopes would get him considered for the Academy Awards.  When tears fall down the face of a man known for having as many open emotions as  a parched desert, suddenly onscreen a Shakespearean saga is being played out. Snape is misunderstood. He is misaligned to the way the Fates have handled him but carries out his mission until the very end. In those moments on screen, he became one of the most enduring characters of 21st century film and literature combined.

Final Thoughts:  There is no taking the shine from this final journey to Hogwarts.  The Geeky Chic awards 5 out of 5 stars to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2

Can’t get enough?  Go enjoy the movie’s website. Read the production notes, about the cast’s upcoming projects, sample the film soundtrack and more:


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