San Diego Welcomes Deathly Hallows 2 With Midnight Madness

Did movie goers know that there is a requisite set of items to bring to the movie theater Friday Morning?  Costumes, lawn chairs, and blankets were on the must have lists of the faithful Potter fans waiting in line outside of theaters around San Diego county for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Death Hallows Part 2.  Hours before the opening credits even rolled, people made an assorted maze in the confines of orange tape. Areas may have been parted by 2-D, 3-D, and clock hour, but the spirit was joined by a common desire to see the end of a franchise spanning seven books and eight films.  Anticipation was high.  House rob spottings?  Even higher. News crews rolled out to capture the frenzy as young and old alike endured the creep crawl of hours before the big show.

The Geeky Chic caught the action from Edwards Cinema at the Mira Mesa Market Center.  Armed with a Gryffindor shirt and an Nikon Coolpix L22, here are the visuals of a night no one who attended will forget.  Litmus test references on t-shirts to epic battles between wizards and college students included. Enjoy the gallery below!


Images: 2011 Olivia Melancon/The Geeky Chic.
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To those that participated: Many thanks!  Copies of your images available via an email to and are also posted on the fanpage gallery at for the tagging.


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