Fashion Fridays: An Ode to Harry Potter Gear

Welcome to Fashion Fridays!  Every Friday here on the Geeky Chic, we’ll be exploring geek fashion in every way. Expect to see everything from how to inject some color in to your everyday wardrobe, just what is “geeky chic” style, and the best round ups of eye candy from around the web.  We begin our new, mint tradition with an ode to the gear of  Harry Potter. Hit the streets in some of these fun numbers from Hot Topic (

Harry Potter Gryffindor Varsity Girls Cardigan from Hot Topic: $46.50-$48.50 (S-XXL)

Standing in line I thought, “It gets a little chilly the later it gets.”  For those late night summer breezes and for the back to school fall mists, why not show your Hogwarts school spirit with this darling cardigan?   This would be perfect with your favorite tank, a pair of skinny jeans, and flats for casual comfort.  Pair it up with some heels and a mini for a geek’s date night with your own “Boy Who Lived”.  Don’t worry serpent lovers, Slytherin’s got it’s own too.

Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Varsity Girls Cardigan from Hot Topic: $46.50 to $48.50

For the guys, you, too, can be the coolest wizard ruling the school in this Hogwarts varsity jacket.  Put this around your honey’s shoulders and you’re sure to get a steady. After all, this is the wizarding world’s answer to T-Birds.

Hogwarts Coat of Arms Varsity Jacket from Hot Topic: $49.50 - $53.50 (XS-XXXL)

“Be Vigilant” it says, and I sure am when I look at the awesomeness that is Luna Lovegood on her own graphic tee.    Celestial themed dangling star earrings or maybe even rock one colored boho-feather, distressed denim, and a fun summer sandal in honor of our lady who marches to (and hears even if not present) her own drummer.

Luna Lovegood T-Shirt from Hot Topic: $22.50 - $26.50 (XS-XXXL)

Lastly, Bellatrix LeStrange never looked so psychotic and sexy at the same time! I die, I tell you.  There are  some high heel patent leather booties with metallic hardware in my closet screaming to be paired with this shirt.

Bellatrix T-Shirt from Hot Topic: $22.50 - $26.50 (XS-XXXL)

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