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Fanfare Cover, Revolution Publishing Inc.

 Fanfare by Renee Ahdieh: 250 pages, Revolution Publishing Inc. Read via ebook (.mobi) Special thanks to Jennifer at Revolution Publishing for selecting The Geeky Chic to participate.


Cris Pereira was not given this kind of warning when she agreed to sacrifice one afternoon out of her weekend to appease a cousin. Needless to say Tom Abramson, the source of all the excitement, wasn’t too thrilled to be where he was either.  Disinterest is a recipe for destiny to take its course and the reader along with it on a ride of all that is the  ups and downs of love.  In her debut novel Fanfare, Renee Ahdieh has just the perfect recipe for the modern love story.

True love is is blind. In fact, so blind, that it can pair a no nonsense Puerto Rican social worker with a sought after British actor making it big in the United States in a line of work that currently has stars like Robert Pattinson fleeing for his life from legions of adoring fans.  Complications may include internal damage due to horrible ex fiance’s, aspects of self worth or loathing between both parties, and papararzzi flash bulbs. See the inside of People magazine for details for details.

Through a long series of e-mails, texts, and long emails the two title characters bridge the gap between their different worlds.  In the process, Cris begins to fall for Tom despite the fact she has warned herself not to.  Armed with the advice of her girlfriends Gita and Hana, she sets out to enjoy a friendship she finds can not be as well metered out as the rest life she tries to control with exact precision.  Trust is a hard thing to come by. When love does come in whatever package it has to show, will you be ready?  Despite the stereotype of Hollywood men, Tom is so candid in his manor that Cris is disarmed. To the same effect, Tom is equally disarmed that Cris could care less what movie he’s been in!

The heroine of the work is a hard working, strong, feisty piece of work!  First person point of view carries her voice the entire time.  She speaks her mind without reservation; the high point of the appeal is that she is rooted so far down to earth you feel as if she were sitting next to you and having coffee. The view point of an ordinary woman swept up to a point of in to a world of glitz comes across without pretension. Tom Abramson is a lost soul in the world he created for himself. While he desired to be an actor, he seems to be unimpressed with the expectation it carries of worship. I liked that he was unusually humble, honest, and maintained his realness in a setting where all of it falls away behind false smiles.  Together or apart each character has some laugh out loud observations about the world or the person in it.  When these two get together for a verbal tit-for-tat there is always something to learn.  Gita & Hana are the most prevalent forces for comedic back up or the setting straight of a situation that is heading on a hard left the wrong way. Gita, Hana, and the other characters presented are the people we all have in our lives. Well meaning, loud, and vivacious.

Ahdieh has an effortless style to her writing that makes it fun, honest, and beautiful.  I can’t help but to have felt my own heartbreak in reading through how Cris dealt with the break up of her relationship with antagonist Ryan. It left her so scarred with a pessimistic bias for the remainder of what she was to encounter. Tom is in a world filled with people yet is always alone. When he was at his most observant or his most angry, his passages became the most thrilling to read.  This isn’t a novel based on extremes in chemistry but instead is a frank look at one couple’s journey through friendship, romance, and hardship with the odds stacked against them.   No gimmickry or over the top starts.  A fresh voice makes this the perfect light summer read for the day. The ability to read about the couple’s interactions navigating the upper echelon right down to the backwoods allows a reader to see what the unit is all about.  Just a boy and a girl…with some tabloids, a red carpet or two, and some barriers wrapped up in designer chic.

Thinking of embarking on a whirl wind romance complete with extraordinary moments punctuating your ordinary day?  The Geeky Chic recommends picking up a copy of Fanfare to add a little lux to your day.

Grade: A 


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