Brains First, Breasts Second – Part 1

There have been countless times when this phrase has been stated in exasperated frustration: “It’s hard being a a woman.”  As a sex, women are pretty hard on themselves as is. The struggle to look attractive, intelligent, and be everything we are reared by society to believe we should be comes along with feelings of embarrasment when we are subpar to every standard set out in front of us.  A woman wedged between the too-thick/too-thin,  shine while hiding your greater wit beneath a bushel not to seem “too smart”, wear the right clothes, get the right job but god forbid you don’t do what society thinks cycle is going to get so tired of running it she is going to want to kill someone.  We live in a world full of conflicting messages. It is a rare, special place where we are allowed the time to be ourselves without worry. Often we join those social groups that allow us to do this. A collection of close individuals of the same mind set and social dilemma as yourself: how do you fit in, where, and what makes your day? Let us use for this sake those who enjoy pop culture treats such as comics, video games, ludicrist amounts of caffeine while playing table top rpgs, and so on. “At last,” you sing out the praises, “I’m home!”
Enter Geekdom: stage left

(poses in the center of the stage, fist pumped, legs pulled apart with an upright chest to complete the pose of heroism, victory, and a spectacular way of being)

Our figure tells us that it matters precious little how we look, what we wear, how much we weigh.  Come forward!  Give your tired, your poor, your multi-sided diamond shaped dice yearning to break free!  Stack up your comic books, graphic novels, and video games as the walls of a city for a new age!  Be yourselves in all of your glory where no one will judge you. Everyone here has been there, everyone here understands… The most fantastic part?  

Girls with brains turn in to women with even bigger ones filled with both intellectual and fun interests.

 The brave will go on beyond the confines of their little created world in order to spread the message to others for this reason: We worry what those beyond our subgroup will think of us too!  Hard work, that.  Having breasts and a tired mind to lug about in our heads which all sits on our worn from head shaking necks.  As you go on in your time within this little niche you begin to notice there is no such thing as complete utopia. Eden has a few cracks in it. There  are judgements here of what makes one “geek” or “nerd” enough.  What you read, what you play, hell, even what you may eat has somehow fallen under a label umbrella. The worst aspect to find however is that the label of  not caring about looks has become hijacked the same nonjudgemental folks who are just as guilty of looking around the ugly ducklings as everyone else. 

All ugly ducklings become swans, right?  Not if you can’t live up to the image on the other end of the spectrum: tight, tiny, modelesque fantasy here to epitomize every personal or industrial fantasy exploit for the masses.  Suddenly, the sweetness of the realm is soured by a very real dilemma still present in the 21st century: someone prefers a woman with nothing in their head and “everything else” as a package. Slap a button on her, some glasses, and a comic book in her hand she is fodder for fantasy. Hell, throw her in some tight pants in a robot warzone, and she’s the main event. Tight corsets in a convention hall sell everything from video games to music to movies. Empty, vapid  women who know crap about where they are, what they are doing, and nothing accept what they are fed to do.

I am here to tell you just how much that pisses me off.

(Part 2 after the jump)


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