New Weekly Additions for the Geeky Chic!

Good mornings nerds, freaks and fellow chic geeks,

This is to inform you that a couple of new weekly features will be coming to The Geeky Chic to spin the wheel and generally give some dazzle to dull days. Some sparkle where sparkle is needed!  Sync up your inbox calendars, you won’t want to miss:

 Fashion Fridays: How does one combine the geek with the chic?  What do you wear for your favorite date night, coffee night, outing to the library?   How are those pants from the store really going to go with my accessories and for heaven sakes what purse will match my new Harry Potter movie shirt?  From the fabulous to the fabulously off-beat all will be revealed!

Ask a Geek: Got a question on how to get that geek girl or guy to notice?  Where to go for a date or just those relationship questions nagging at the back of your mind?  I’ll answer those questions and others you pose to me in Ask a Geek, which will be published weekly-biweekly depending on letter amount. Send everything over to

Stay on the look out for assigned points in the month for history madness and always be on the look out for new book, manga, movie, and television reviews!

Keep geekin’ in the free world,
Livie Marie


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