Welcome to Royal Week!

A couple of days over a weekend just aren’t enough!  So it was toiled over at council, the pros and the cons debated between the contenders. Yet, the decision that comes forward is for the good of all the populace.  Here ye, here ye: Royal Week at Geeky Chic is now underway!

Coming your way:

The Ladies of Tudor, Part 2 – Katherine and Anne each gave birth to Mary and Elizabeth Tudor.  These ladies continued the family tradition of giving the crown the old one-two punch. If you haven’t had a chance yet to look at their mothers, take a journey over to part 1!

Disney Royal:  No, we’re not just talking about the damsels in distress. We’re going to be taking a look at the girls in pen and ink who rocked the theater screens and small screen to this day with their pro-inspiration messages for all that in order to save the day?  It takes a little work!

The Faire, the Faire:  Ah yes, the Renaissance Faire where one journeys down the road of yesteryear for a weekend (or several for pass holders) of imaginative revelry. It can also be referred to as: the weekend where one hunts out a large turkey leg, watches a joust, watches a battle, spends way too much money on fantastic clothes that are mostly worn only to said fairs or other historical events, where real men wear tights, (breeches, doublets, and other such deliciousness), and it is perfectly acceptable to store flowers, daggers, maps, and other sundries in your hoisted bodice enhanced cleavage.

Where are some of them, what do you do there?  What do you wear?   Worry not, you will be told so that you too can enjoy fair season in all its grandeur

If Your PC Was a Difference Engine: A look at the culture, literature, and fashion of Steampunk in an easy to reference nut shell during the Victorian era.  A little Victoriana goes a long way, but I can never say there is ever an excess! 

Line by Line:  Some of the fashion worn by royal ladies of yore still stays with us today.  Empire waist, anyone?   What, you didn’t know that came about during the Napoleanic Era and was favored by Empress Josephine?  Do those frisky corsets in vogue get you thinking of where they came from?  What about fabric patterns and colors?  A little history lesson lives with us everyday in the things we wear!


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